Affirmations – Are You Using Them?

Feb 27

Affirmations – Are You Using Them?

When I first learned about affirmations my initial thought was, ‘ this is just a scientific name for brain washing’ and actually I was right but it is brain washing by yourself for positive reasons and intentions.  We all have a little inner voice that constantly chatters on in our mind, telling us yes we are able to do this and no we are not capable of doing the other. Well we listen to this little voice – whose opinion comes from goodness knows where; it could be a story someone once told us, a distant memory we have,  an experience of our own or even one witnessed. In fact, this little voice can be communicating negative thoughts to us for so many reasons, which in the greater scheme of things doesn’t really matter why, but what does matter is that it sets the belief we have in our own capability.  Affirmations are a great way to still that self-limiting belief that controls us, if we believe something is possible then we can work towards making it happen and this is so true of birthing our baby easily and naturally.

From a very young age the majority of girls, in the Western world, are taught that birthing a baby is a terrible painful experience, which can last many, many hours so that by the time your baby is born you are absolutely exhausted.  This scenario is repeated to women so many times through films, television, magazines, well-meaning friends and family that our minds just accept the idea that this is how birth is and this is how birth is meant to be and as our minds always like to be right it will set out to make sure that you have the exact birth you imagine – painful, long and tiring.  However, this does not have to be the case – I have testimonies from many women who have actually experienced comfortable births where they have stayed relaxed and in control and they did not end up being totally exhausted and wiped out when their baby was born. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it but you can also have this type of birth and it starts with remembering that:

  • the female body was designed to give birth
  • women from cultures other than the Western world do birth their babies easier
  • we are able to work our mind and body together when we are not fearful

One way to do this is learn how to use affirmations and once learned you can use them in every area of your life, they are not just reserved for pregnancy use. Affirmations should be written positively this means thinking or writing what you do want and not what you don’t, for example the following is not a good affirmation;  ‘I will have a pain-free birth’ because just in that one sentence you have focused your mind on ‘pain’ and ‘birth’ it is far better to say ‘I am able to birth in comfort and ease’. Can you see the difference in what your mind is now focusing on?

So here are the quick rules on writing and using affirmations:

  • Imagine the outcome that you want
  • Write your affirmation in the positive
  • Write them in the present tense
  • It should be an affirmation that you can accept

Once you have thought about your affirmation repeat it to yourself (for extra oomph say it out loud as well) at least five times a day, it is a good idea to put a trigger on when you will think about your affirmation eg every time a use the kettle, stop at a red traffic light, see the colour purple, anything at all that will remind you to repeat your affirmation.

Well what are you waiting for start thinking about your affirmations now, let me know what they are by posting them on my Facebook page Perfect Pregnancy and Birth

Love and best wishes to you