Crying, mood swings and pregnancy!

Mar 12

Crying, mood swings and pregnancy!

If you haven’t experienced it yet let me give you the info on ‘feelings’ – ’emotions’ – ‘mood swings’ or whatever else you want to call the great big emotional, roller-coaster, mood swing changes that you can experience during pregnancy.  These great swings in emotions and feelings generally happen in the first trimester and/or towards the end of your pregnancy.  I have known grown women to cry, yes literally cry over the most silliest things such as; eating a chocolate bar getting near the end and dropping the last piece, another sobbed herself to sleep because she had forgotten to buy milk, I even know one woman who burst into tears because she went to a restaurant ordered a burger and was saving the pickle (her favourite) to eat last, the waiter thought she had finished and removed her plate – well she cried and cried, just like a baby! Songs, commercials, television and films are all great for making a pregnant women become an emotional wreck and start sobbing.  You don’t know when it is going to happen or even what will bring it on, you kind of know you are being unreasonable even when you are doing it but you just can’t stop yourself.

The other side of this is uncontrollable laughing. Do you remember when you were at school and if you looked at your friend you would both laugh and the more you tried not to the more you would laugh, even if it was making your teacher angry? Well when you are pregnant you can go from uncontrollable laughing to crying and back to laughing again all in a very short space of time.   Another emotion you may be surprised to feel is anger or rage and you could be even more surprised when you find that it is directed towards your partner – you might even start to think that you don’t love or want him anymore that is how strong these feelings can be, even in a normally gentle loving woman.

Ok you can relax now and stop thinking that you have become bipolar, let me reasure you everything is normal the majority of pregnant women do experience swings in their moods.  These strong emotions and hard to understand feelings are caused by all those new pregnancy hormones surging through your body and playing tricks.  What is the best way to handle this? Don’t have a high expectation that you are going to bloom with happiness throughout your whole pregnancy. Let your partner know that this is one of the common side effects of being pregnant. Discuss openly any fears or worries that you may have. And last but not least, don’t let yourself become overtired or really hungry-  in other words always take good care of yourself.

Love and best wishes to you