Morning Sickness

Nov 25

Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Well they do say that the pregnancy experience is different for each and every woman and then that even each woman’s individual pregnancies will be different from the last one and I can totally vouch for that in the Morning Sickness department.  With my first child, a son, I was dog sick every day for the first three months.  It didn’t matter what I was doing, or how busy I was if a smell came along it would turn my stomach and start me vomiting again.  In some ways it was quite nice because I could no longer take the rubbish out so husband had to do that duty but other times it was frustrating as I couldn’t visit my favorite restaurants because  couldn’t take the smell of food after I’d eaten, to be totally truthful sometimes I didn’t even like the smell of food before I’d eaten either.

Like many women I didn’t only get sick of a morning although that was when it was at its worst and I would actually vomit.  I can remember one morning running into the bathroom to frantically hurl up in the toilet yet again, when my husband looked round from shaving and calmly said, ‘Couldn’t you wait until I have finished I was here first.’  I am still not 100% sure that he was joking although he swears he was!

With my second child, a daughter, it was totally different I did not have one day of nausea or vomiting so like they say each pregnancy is different so don’t be put off having another child if you are having a rough time.  If you are really suffering at the moment and really feeling uncomfortable with yourself there are several old trusted natural methods of alleviating the discomfort: eat little and often, sip water, drink ginger tea, eat dry biscuits when you wake up or wear travel sickness wristbands just to name a few. Don’t forget that it is important that you don’t stop eating and drinking especially drinking and if the vomiting is really bad try making Gatorade ice cubes and sucking them to get some minerals back into your body. Also tell your medical provider about the sickness.

I have developed a video programme on Morning Sickness for my clients which will be available this week, in this programme I cover every aspect of Morning Sickness I even include a self-hypnosis section that will help you relax and feel less stressful and uncomfortable but I promise you whatever method you use to ease your morning sickness it does get better for most women  by about the 12th -14th week so chin up you haven’t got too long until it is all over.

Love and best wishes to you,

Linda x