Nov 25




Well I have never written a blog before so this is a totally new experience, so where you need a little bit of help and support being pregnant I need your support and encouragement with my blog posts – how is that for a trade-off?  Let me know what you want to hear about, let me know if my blogs are actually helpful to you and let me know if they are too long, too boring, not enough information etc. etc.  Well here goes (fingers crossed);

What did I learn most of all when I had my first child, this precious little bundle that I had waited so long for, oh forget that I learned how to live on very little sleep, or the fact that I found I did not need any clothes as I never seemed to find the time to get dressed – in fact I think I lived in my robe for the first four weeks!  No, I learned that I had to be organised, so much more organised than I had ever been in the past. It seemed to me that everything that I did with my son was easier if I was organised. Bath time – everything laid out within easy reach, night-time feeding – everything organised before I went to bed (then I could do it on auto pilot and only be half awake), if you are bottle feeding ensuring that all the bottles are sterilised and made up ready for when your baby starts crying.  I bought my first microwave when my son was little (I had medical issues and so gave up breast-feeding quite early on) because I could not stand listening to him crying for a bottle – it was so much easier when I could just pop a boob out and into his mouth, no sterilising needed there and each mouthful freshly delivered!  I can remember one particular day (I think this was the turning day when I suddenly became an organised Mum) I did not have everything to hand when it came to nappy changing time, so having taken the old nappy off and fumbling for a new one which was a bit of a stretch away and which I subsequently dropped, I had my hand holding my son so that he did not roll off of the changing unit and bending down to retrieve the nappy he squiggled and pooed all over my face.  Not very nice, even when it is your own beautiful baby!!!  Anyway from that day on I was organised and that is what I would like to think about whilst you are pregnant how are you going to organise your life and house to make it easier for you when your baby arrives?

Well that is my first blog finished hope you are not to put off by the story it is totally true I promise – I was never an Earth Mother and learned by trial and error as I went on, it’s OK both my kids have survived and I don’t think they are traumatically scarred by being brought up by a Mum who is not perfect but ‘good enough’.

Catch you all later – don’t forget to put your posts on Facebook and tell all your pregnant friends about me.

Love and warm wishes to you all.

Linda x