The Importance of a Personalised Birth Plan

Feb 11

The Importance of a Personalised Birth Plan

I often think that it is strange that a couple will go to great lengths to plan the perfect holiday, they will spend time together looking at brochures or checking out destinations and hotels online, they will read reviews, check out all the facilities available to them, plan what sports equipment they may need and possibly even buy some new clothes and all of this is often done months before the event.  Then they sit back relaxed, happy and confident that they have done absolutely everything they can to make sure that they will have a fantastic time and they look forward to the approaching holiday without any fear that anything could go wrong – after all it is totally planned!  Seems sensible to me and probably to you as well but (and here is the question) if so much care is spent on planning a holiday why would the same couple just drift into the birth of their baby without any planning whatsoever, it just doesn’t make any sense?

I have spoken to many mothers, over the years, who seem really disappointed with the circumstances surrounding the birth of their baby and they will often say;

‘I didn’t know that would happen ……’

‘Oh I wish I had thought of ……….. before I had my baby’

‘If only I had planned to do …….’  and so on and so on

This is why writing a Birth Plan is so important, you only get one chance of giving birth to your baby and yes I know that all births do not go exactly to plan but 95% of births can be managed naturally and without any medical intervention if the mother is prepared, confident and approaches the birth of her baby without fear.  By writing a Birth Plan it gives you the opportunity to research and become totally informed of all the different options that are available to you and believe me there are so many.  Giving birth is unique to each woman, well in fact each pregnancy and as you probably wouldn’t choose the exact same furnishings as the woman next door, or down the street, you won’t choose the same way to birth your baby either – each person is unique and has different likes and dislikes, different preferences, unique tastes.  A Birth Plan is an important tool for you to convey all of your preferences to your midwife or doctor in an easy straight forward manner. Don’t get me wrong if you haven’t got a Birth Plan they will still take care of you but you will be on the ‘medical treadmill’ where everything will be pretty much generic to every unplanned birth in that establishment and that is where you end up thinking, ‘I should have requested ……..’

Also, if you are armed with a Birth Plan that you have researched and written with your partner you both enter the birth of your child in a different frame of mind; it will give you confidence because you know if option ‘a’ is not available to you then option ‘b’ is a  pretty good alternative  and I am speaking from personal experience here. I was so unprepared and naïve when I had my first child that the whole process left me feeling very vulnerable and scared as I did not know what to expect or anything about the birthing process and I would hate any other woman to feel the way that I did because there really is no need and that is why I have produced a video workshop on writing a Personalised Birth Plan and what is more I am giving it away FREE. This workshop will just prompt you into thinking about all the things that will make your birth a happy memory for you.

Just send me your details in the box alongside this blog and you will get instant access to the download. I hope that you enjoy the workshop, if you have any comments or questions please post them on my Facebook page

Love and best wishes to you